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Seva Global Client Success Story

Atrium Hospitality invested $5,500 to increase their team's cultural knowledge and won a $200K contract the next day!

We had an immediate win at our hotel as a direct result of the India 101 and Indian Weddings cultural training this week. Yesterday, I met with two Indian convention planners for a convention next year. The sales manager handling this prospective client had run into roadblocks and wasn't sure why. We were at an impasse. As the sales manager was out on vacation, I met with the planners.

Rather than jump right into the negotiation, I started the meeting by asking them to share more about the event, why they were involved, and what they wanted to achieve. From the training, I wanted them to know I respected them. I wanted them to develop a level of trust in me before we discussed business. The two gentlemen proceeded to tell me their life story and why this event was important to them personally. They shared how important it was within their community for this to be successful as it would hold them in high regard with their friends and associates. That served as a foundation for our negotiation as I assured them we would do everything possible to make it the best event yet. When they asked for things we couldn't do, I explained why we couldn't do it and how it would hurt the quality/image of the event. Because we had built a level of mutual trust and respect earlier, they understood immediately, and we moved on to the next point.

Ultimately, after 3 separate meetings we signed the deal representing almost $200k during a huge need period for the hotel. When we were done, they thanked me, and told me how much they appreciated me wanting to understand them and their event. They even asked to take a picture with me before they left as they considered me their new friend.

I share this as I wanted to provide an immediate success story as a result of the training we had earlier this week.

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