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Media Highlights

Hospitality Live with Rupesh


“How Your Hotel's Cultural Competency Can Drive

Revenues & Loyalty”


October 2021

Multicultural Foodservice & Hospitality Alliance


"How Cultural Competency Helps Your Bottom Line with Seema Jain"

November 2020

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"2019 Change Makers"

June 2019


Marriott International


"Washington, DC Culture Day"

November 2018


Hotel Business


"NY Marriott Trains Staff in the Art of Omoiyari to Foster Cultural Understanding"

November 2018

Marriott International


"Kansas City Culture Day"

September 2016

CBS News


"Indian Weddings Mean Big Business For Venues"

June 2015

The Washington Post

"Lavish Indian weddings help D.C.-area hotels turn handsome profit"

February 2015