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Indian Weddings

Our Indian Weddings Program dives into the culture and traditions of Indian weddings.  This presentation reviews social protocols, customs, holidays, food, and sales/marketing strategies surrounding Indian weddings!  We will review the events of the typical Indian wedding and how to increase revenue and exposure in this market. 

Topics covered:

  • Deep Dive into the Indian Wedding Ceremonies & Customs

  • Sales & Marketing Strategies

  • Events & Operations Recommendations

  • Marketing & PR Suggestions 

Program Details:

Title: Indian Weddings

Length: 2 hours (but can be customized)

Available as an in-person workshop, virtual, or hybrid.

Contact us to learn more about this program!

Seva Seal of Approval

After completion of Seva Global's Indian Weddings workshop, your organization can earn a ‘Seva Seal’ of Approval based on attendance and participation. 


Hotel Hosted in-person India 101 + Indian Weddings Workshop and/or 9+ Managers attended from all disciplines of the hotel


4-8 Sales/Events/Banquets/

Culinary Team Members attended an India 101 + Indian Weddings Workshop (Virtual or in-person)


1-3 Sales/Event Managers attended an India 101 + Indian Weddings Workshop (Virtual or in-person)

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