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About Us



Seva (pronounced “SAY-vah”) is a Sanskrit word that describes the act of selfless service. This word resonates with our founder Seema Jain in all facets of her life. In 2020, she was given the amazing opportunity to take care of her parents for extended periods, thus enabling her to do greater ‘seva’ for them.


The pandemic has brought many silver linings in life that Seema is grateful for, not only to help her parents, but also to coach friends with self-care and wellness, and to assist underserved communities. Seema's professional work has allowed her to help people be more open minded when learning about other cultures and to respect differences. 


Merging her personal passions with her career objectives inspired Seva Global, a company which honors the fresh and essential perspective to build unity through understanding cultures.  When we see our company name each day, it will be a reminder to always do ‘seva’ in the three pillars of our lives: Family & Friends, Community, and Career.


This journey led full circle to the birth of Seva Global.






We look forward to sharing our passion and knowledge through Seva Global, where we will take cultural understanding across other industries.  

Our goal is to help your company become more culturally competent when engaging with people from different backgrounds. Our customized services (in-person and virtual) include: cultural trainings, workshops, webinars, presentations, speaking engagements, and consultations. 

Seema's involvement in this area of work first began when she created a Culture Day program for Marriott International in 2014. Culture Day is an innovative program designed to help market teams be more culturally competent when working with multicultural guests. This one-day presentation provides a deep dive into select cultures highlighting business protocols, social protocols, customs, holidays, foods, and best practices. 



At Marriott International, we grew the Culture Day program from 7 to 35 presentations per year, with a library of content for 14 different cultures. We presented to all 30 brands, across all hotel departments. We helped generate $15M - $20M in sales performance and received numerous media coverage highlights including The Washington Post and CBS Evening News. We traveled all over the world to help others lead with a global mindset. 

Cultural competency not only drives your bottom-line results, but is key to understanding the differences that make a difference. This is an essential topic in a world that is becoming increasingly attuned to the importance of inclusion and diversity.


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