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LGBTQ+ Programs

LGBTQ+ 101


  • Deep Dive into the LGBTQ+ Wedding Ceremonies & core values of the community

  • Sales & Marketing Recommendations

  • Learn best practices for engaging with LGBTQ+ customers and clientele

  • Walk away with creative and fun ideas to grow the LGBTQ+ customer base

Learn about the foundational understanding of the LGBTQ+ community.  Experience a culturally immersive program that provides a deep dive into the LGBTQ+ community culture highlighting history, demographics, market trends, key terminology, as well as best practices. This interactive session, including group activities, will help you understand the mindset of your co-workers, customers, and vendors who are members of the LGBTQ+ community. Attendees will better understand how cultural competency will elevate employee engagement and retention, as well as enhance customer experience and drive sales.

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Seva Seal of Approval

A ‘Seva Seal’ of Approval is earned in a 3-tiered scale when members of the organization's team complete our LGBTQ+ 101 + LGBTQ+ Weddings Workshop. For LGBTQ+ couples searching for the venue or vendor they feel most comfortable to plan and execute their wedding, they can utilize this page on our site to review organizations who have earned a ‘Seva Seal.’  Organizations will benefit from this program with additional promotion of their property or services, with direct links to websites, and earned trust from the LGBTQ+ community gained by attending and/or hosting an LGBTQ+ 101 + LGBTQ+ Weddings Workshop.


Organization Hosted in-person LGBTQ+ 101 + LGBTQ+ Weddings Workshop and/or 9+ Managers attended from all disciplines


4-8 Team Members attended an LGBTQ+ 101 + LGBTQ+ Weddings Workshop (virtual or in-person)


1-3 Team Members attended an LGBTQ+ 101 + LGBTQ+ Weddings Workshop (virtual or in-person)