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I have had the distinct pleasure of knowing Seema Jain for over 15 years when she began her career at Marriott in Sales.  Not only did she excel in her role, but she played and integral part in my success as a General Manager.  She paved her own way in growing her career and enlightened so many by sharing her knowledge of cultural diversities.  I was so proud and excited for Seema when she launched her own cultural advisory company in 2020.  Although we have both moved on from Marriott, fortunately I’m with an organization that has found great value in services provided by the Seva Global Team!  She brings a wealth of knowledge to our hospitality and tourism industry and truly helps people understand cultural similarities and differences.  We were fortunate enough to have Seema as a guest speaker at our DCVB Partners’ Meeting in August 2021, and she intrigued the audience with her presentation, knowledge and expertise around cultural competency, diversity, and inclusion.  This knowledge gained by our hospitality leaders aid them in attracting groups and booking events to our area and promotes business to our hotels, restaurants, unique venues, and destinations, boosting the overall economy.  It has been wonderful working with Seema and the Seva Global team and we look forward to having them back in DuPage County for future workshops and presentations! 

Noonie Aguilar

Director of Sales, DuPage Convention & Visitors Bureau, DuPage Sports Commission

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