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Seema Jain & Seva Global were born with one purpose, serve others for a better world.   


I have had the distinct pleasure and privilege to work with Seema on numerous organizational culture enhancement sessions during her time with Marriott International. 


My personal experiences with Seema: 

The sessions we hosted truly made instant difference in Employee and Guest engagement. The knowledge, spearheaded with her unconditional passion, that Seema brings everyday to every interaction is truly one of a kind. Our team at the Westin Calgary, along with many managed and franchise hotels, benefitted in understanding the diverse culture and habits of our global guest and thus serve with intent to win them for life. The sessions were interactive and collaborative along with being informative. The teams were able to grasp learnings and implement new standard operating procedures the next day. We saw an upsurge in our Indian wedding market and our guest satisfaction scores within months of these sessions. 


A bit about Seema: 


When I think about “seva” & Seema, the following 6 characteristics of Arjuna from the Hindu epic book Mahabharata come to mind. 


- Humility: Seema is extremely humble and sincere. One can sense that within seconds of interacting with her (even by email)


- Respectful towards all: Seema always strives hard to be all inclusive, everyone is invited as far as she is concerned, every time. This characteristic alone makes her mission clear and achievable because she can work with anyone and any organization. 


- Attentive & Focused: Seema is laser focused and gives you that undivided attention each time making you feel like the most important person in the world. She has a ‘get it done’ attitude about her that inspired me to improve my personal effectiveness. 


- Persistent & Hardworking: Seema will keep at it until she delivers excellence to whoever she serves. She has placed numerous hours over these years traveling and connecting people from across continents and within the organization too. 


- Choose Service of Others Over  Materialistic Titles/Honors: For Seema it was never about trophies or honors, she is all about service unto others. 


- Willingness to Learn and Be Best at Her Craft: Last but definitely not the least, her willingness to keep learning inspires everyone. She takes deep interest into the cultures of others along with asking the right questions to leaders, so she can customize a session for them. 


I wish her well on this new incredible journey of hers. 

Arjun Channa

General Manager, JW Marriott Phuket Resort & Spa

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