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We have been talking about cultural relevance for so long, and we have finally found the one person that is able to relate cultural relevance in such a beautiful, respectful, efficient, and professional way. And that is Seema Jain and the Seva Global Team. Seema and Elizabeth are amongst the most professional and kind hospitality leaders I have ever met. They get it. They speak kindness. They speak from the heart and they connect people. They breathe true and authentic hospitality. And on the other hand, they are the ultimate professional advisory firm in the industry, with a supreme and unique expertise in the delivery of real cultural knowledge and experiences that apply to some of the most important areas of our humanity. Their sensitivity to cultural relevance is second to none. We have had truly life-changing experiences working with Seva Global, and we look forward to enhancing our exciting partnership even more.

- Alvaro Valeriani

VP Sales & Marketing, Caribbean & Latin America, Hilton

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